Supima Cotton T Shirt

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♥ Personal size
♥ Fabrics, colors, patterns
♥ Logo (label, tag)

Product Introduction

This supima cotton t shirt is made of high-quality cotton. Cotton cloth is the general term for all kinds of cotton textiles. It is mostly used to make fashion, casual wear, underwear and shirts. Its advantages are easy to keep warm, soft and close-fitting, moisture absorption and ventilation, and good air permeability. Compared with chemical fiber, it has good warmth retention, strong moisture absorption, good flexibility, and cotton fiber has no adverse reactions such as static electricity. 

As an excellent and experienced T shirt manufacturer, our cotton t shirts are of super high quality and excellent comfort. The quality of our products is guaranteed and has won praise from buyers all over the world.

Product Description

Product name

Supima Cotton T Shirt


O-Neck Size Custom size




Custom Pantone color

Sleeve style

Short sleeve

Custom service

LOGO customization


LOGO customization, outer packaging customization, pattern customization


Silk screen printing, embroidery, sublimation

Product Details Pictures

We have a professional design team, and continue to improve from clothing, design, production, printing and other aspects. We can design a full range of supima cotton t shirt for you.

Our Services

1. Minimum order

a. The fabric, color and pattern of this supima cotton t shirt can be customized, and our garment factory supports mixed batch buyers' order requirements.

b. If the fabric pattern meets the buyer's order requirements, the minimum order quantity for each color can be adjusted flexibly, and you can directly contact customer service

2. Samples

a. The first samples of fabrics and accessories are available.

b. Samples need to be charged according to your pattern requirements. After you place an order with a certain amount and confirm the order, the sample fee can be refunded to you.


Question 1: Why choose us?

a. Various colors, patterns and fabrics

b. Low minimum order quantity (contact customer service for consultation)

c. Provide customized samples

d. High quality-we have a QC team

Question 2: Can I mix colors?

a. Right. If the quantity is right, you can choose the color you like and mix it for wholesale.

Question 3: Can I get a discount?

a. Yes. For large orders and old customers, we give reasonable discounts.

Tips for Buying T-shirts

1. Choose according to size specifications

There are 5 specifications for T-shirts:

S: Small Bust: 95cm/M: Medium Bust: 100cm/L: Large Bust: 110cm/XL: Extra Large Bust: 115cm/XXL: Extra Large Bust: 125cm.

When purchasing, you can be looser, usually add 10cm to your actual bust measurement. For example: if your bust is 100cm, you should buy a 110cm large T-shirt. In addition, when exporting to domestic sales or importing T-shirts, you should use your actual size as the standard, because different countries and regions have different size standards.

2. Choose by variety

There are many types of T-shirts, including real silk, pure cotton, chemical fiber, polyester and so on. T-shirts made of natural fiber materials (silk, cotton, linen): breathable, cool and comfortable. Except for real silk, the price is not expensive.

Chemical fiber T-shirt: cheap, crisp, non-wrinkle, easy to wash, easy to dry, but not sweat-absorbent. If you wear a cotton knit vest inside, you can make up for the shortcomings.

3. Visual inspection.

Look at the appearance to see if it is flat, smooth, wrinkle-free, line-free, hole-free, pollution-free, and color-dispersion-free.

Those who are tall should choose some designs that reduce height, such as waistbands. Avoid wearing close-fitting, short-length, sleeveless T-shirts.

Those with a petite figure should choose a design with a simple style, a neat collar, no pockets, and few buckles.

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